Help keep the doors of New Town Alano Club open by making your purchases through the Amazon Smile program and by making donations using PayPal.

To use the Amazon Smile program, in your browser go to or click here. The first time you visit the Smile web page, it will offer you a list of tax-exempt organizations but will also have a box for “Pick your own organization.” Type in New Town Alano Club and click on the Search button. This will bring up a line of information that says New Town Alano Club, Inc. and has a button beside it that says “Select.” Click on Select. This tells Amazon that you are a friend of New Town Alano Club.

You only need to do this once. Amazon will remember your selection and will credit 0.5% of your future purchases to the Club at no cost to you. Each time you want to buy something, go to or click here. From there, you make your purchase exactly as you would at the regular Amazon web site. Questions? send an email to and you will get a helpful call back.

To make a contribution using PayPal, follow the instructions below. Thanks!

NTAC offers three levels of donation:

  1. Sponsor Level (Annual pledge of $1000):

  2. Supporter Level (Annual pledge of $500):
  3. Friend of NTAC Level (One time pledge):

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