Frequently Asked Questions

Reception Room

Reception Room

What is an Alano Club?

An Alano club is an independent organization distinct from any 12-step group. Governed by an elected Board of Directors, we serve as a landlord for over fifty individual meetings. We also maintain the club, plan special events and coordinate community outreach programs.

Is NTAC affiliated with any religious institution?

NTAC is not affiliated with any religious institution. Like all 12-step groups, we are autonomous to keep our doors open to all regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, sexual orientation or individual religious beliefs.

Do you need to be a member of NTAC to attend meetings here?

No. Becoming a member of NTAC is simply a service opportunity. Part of 12-step recovery is to make sure the message of hope is passed along to those who still suffer from active addiction. Keeping NTAC’s doors open through membership dues is an effective way to help those still living with active addiction.

Does NTAC receive any city, state or federal funding?

No. NTAC relies solely on the support of the meetings we host, dues-paying members and other members of the community. Our autonomy keeps NTAC a welcoming place for everyone in recovery.

Do I need to be an alcoholic or addict to visit NTAC?

No. We always welcome visitors interested in learning about NTAC. We also host several “open” meetings, which are open to all those with an interest in 12-step recovery.

Do I need to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to visit NTAC?

No. While NTAC has a specific LGBT-oriented outreach mission, we welcome all those in recovery as well as their family and friends. We celebrate the diversity found at our club as an invaluable asset in our recovery community.